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HPPE Level 5 Safety Anti-Cut Gloves

HPPE Level 5 Safety Anti-Cut Gloves

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  • Enhance your safety and protection with TechNook HPPE Level 5 Safety Anti-Cut Gloves, designed for high-strength performance in various settings including industry, kitchen, gardening, and more.

    These gloves offer reliable anti-scratch and anti-cut capabilities, making them a versatile choice for a range of tasks. Elevate your hand protection with TechNook's Anti-Cut Gloves – where strength meets versatility for safe and confident handling in any situation.



    ①This cut-resistant gloves are made of a new type of super-strong fiber material HPPE, which has a smooth and soft appearance, fits the surface of the human body, is comfortable to wear, and does not shed hair. It can be used in food processing as well as in industrial production, and the anti-cutting grade reaches level 5. Can be washed and machine washed and used repeatedly without affecting the cutting resistance.

    ②What is HPPE?
    HPPE has high strength: the strength is more than 10 times that of high-quality steel. High modulus: second only to super carbon fiber. Low density: less than water, can float on water. The physical properties of high-strength and high-modulus polyethylene fibers are excellent. Due to its high crystallinity, it is a chemical group that is not easy to react with chemical agents.

    ③Material: HPPE+nylon+spandex

    ④Usage: kitchen, glass cutting, industrial anti-cutting, carving, etc.

    ⑤Product: Features anti-cutting, non-slip, wear-resistant, and multifunctional.

    compare size:

    XS:Child size(16CM), about 35g.

    S size: (women's size) 20CM, about 52g.

    M size (male and female size): 23CM, about 58g.

    L size: (men's average size) 24CM, about 65g.

    XL size: 26CM, about 69g.


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