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Grain Storage Box Dispenser

Grain Storage Box Dispenser

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  • Features: Grain Storage Box Dispenser
    Grain Storage Box Dispenser
    1.The new Japanese style kitchen sorting grains on the wall cans. Transparent compartment storage box.
    Grain Storage Box Dispenser
    2.Partition design: one storage tank for multiple varieties, one tank for centralized storage.
    Grain Storage Box Dispenser
    3.Press design: press funnel design for easy access.
    4.Activity partition: freely choose the division according to your needs.
    5.Removable top cover: easy to add food.
    6.Top insect-proof cover design: spices can be placed to prevent insects.
    Note: There will be some errors in manual measurement.
    Specification: Grain Storage Box Dispenser
    Product name: Wall-mounted miscellaneous grain tank
    Product material: PP
    Scope of application: kitchen, storage room, living room, dining bar, etc.
    Package Included: Grain Storage Box Dispenser
    1 x Storage tank
    installation steps
    1. Wipe the wall clean
    2. Tear off the non-marking sticker film
    3. Stick the traceless sticker on the wall
    Expel the air inside the patch
    4. Buckle the grain can into the seamless sticker

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