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Car Wheel Hub Reflective Stripes

Car Wheel Hub Reflective Stripes

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  • Elevate your safety on the road with TechNook Car Wheel Hub Reflective Stripes. These innovative stickers serve as warning tape for door openings, alerting others to exercise caution when entering or exiting your vehicle.


    Crafted for high visibility and easy application, they are a must-have addition to your car accessories. Prioritize safety and enhance your vehicle's visibility with TechNook's Car Wheel Hub Reflective Stripes – where caution meets convenience for a safer journey.


    It is not the car sticker itself that emits light, but in a dark environment, when the light shines on the sticker, the sticker reflects light, with the purpose of reminding other vehicles and serving as a warning to ensure safe driving!

    First: Car hub reflective sticker

    Quantity: 20PCS
    Size: 9x0.7cm

    1. Wheel hub reflective stickers: In a dark environment, these high visibility reflective stickers will reflect light to drivers on the road to remind them to keep a distance and improve driving safety;
    2. High reflective effect: it is designed with anti ultraviolet solvent coating, which has strong reflective effect and can reflect all light sources, including lamps and sunlight, with obvious warning effect;
    3. Waterproof, not easy to break or crack, not easy to fade, long service life, durable and reliable;
    4. Easy installation: reflective stickers have been cut into 20 pieces and made into curved parts, which fit perfectly with round rims. The sticker has its own adhesive backing, which can be easily torn off and directly connected to the rim of a car, motorcycle or bicycle;
    5. Universal rim sticker: widely used, applicable to most motorcycles, bicycles/bicycles and automobiles;

    Second: Car rear warning reflector

    Product name: automobile warning reflective strip sticker
    Color: white/red/yellow/blue/green
    Size: 90x3.5cm

    1. Nanotechnology, non marking adhesive;
    2. Strong reflection, long reflection distance, nearly 300 meters;
    3. Waterproof, sunscreen, rain proof, good durability and long service life;
    4. Improve the visibility of the vehicle to make your driving safer;

    Third: Car door warning reflector

    Product name: Car door opening warning reflective strip sticker
    Color: white/red/yellow/blue/green
    Size: 9.2X2.5CM
    Set: 4PCS/Set

    1. Nanotechnology, unmarked adhesive;
    2. Strong reflection and long reflection distance;
    3. Waterproof, sunscreen, rain proof, good durability and long service life;
    4. Improve visibility and make door opening and closing safer;

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